Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer (D), who launched a campaign for New York City comptroller on Sunday, said it's "fair" to argue that he was a hypocrite for cracking down on prostitution while also participating in the trade.

Spitzer was busted in 2008 for having patronized a high-end prostitution service, but as a public official he increased penalties for people seeking the services of prostitutes -- "johns."

Asked about that dichotomy on WNYC on Monday morning, host Brian Lehrer noted some have labeled Spitzer a "hypocrite on a policy level" -- not just someone with personal foibles.

“It’s a fair argument. Without wading back into that, we enforced the law when I was attorney general, we enforced it when I was governor. We passed laws that I believe were fair and appropriate," Spitzer said, adding: "I do not disagree with the arguments that have been made. I’ve never asked that they be disregarded."

Spitzer is currently collecting signatures for his campaign and said he was hitting the streets after the interview to do just that.

He also granted an interview with CBS News on Monday morning. That clip can be found here: