Abortion rights advocates marched through downtown Austin the week of the Texas House's special session. (AP)

To protest Texas' anti-abortion bill, thousands of abortion rights activists dressed in orange and came out to the state house in Austin to voice their ire. Antiabortion activists dressed in blue were also there, claiming on Twitter that abortion rights advocates' cheers were laced with profanity.

Others disagreed, saying that the profanity stemmed from a minority of activists.

Emotions were running high inside the building, where at least one woman was dragged out of the House chambers for breaking decorum. She is shown here yelling "This bill will kill women" repeatedly to cheers and applause.

The turnout today didn't quite mirror the online support for state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) two weeks ago when she filibustered the bill to run the clock out on the Senate's legislative session. The bill resurfaced today in a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry (R) and was ultimately passed in a 96 to 49 vote. It will go on to the state Senate to be voted on,  perhaps as early as Friday.