Eliot Spitzer failed to vote in 2012. (Seth Wenig/AP)

Despite writing a column headlined "Why I Am Voting For Barack Obama," Eliot Spitzer didn't actually vote at all in 2012. 

The New York Post first reported that Spitzer failed to show up at the polls last fall. A spokeswoman told the newspaper that the former New York governor was unable to make it to his polling place because he was in San Francisco, doing live election coverage for Current TV.

"There was not time for him to vote or get an absentee ballot,” said the spokeswoman, Lisa Linden.

Spitzer's Slate column came out the Friday before the election. "Now it’s time to choose," he wrote. "And the choice is easy."

New Yorkers can vote absentee-in-person at their borough elections office up through Election Day, including the weekend before the election.

Of course, Spitzer's individual ballot wouldn't mean much in New York, where Obama won with 63 percent of the vote. Nor did his representative, Democrat Carolyn Maloney, face a competitive election.