On Saturday evening, a jury acquitted George Zimmerman of all charges in the killing of African American teenager Trayvon Martin. This news has sparked strong reactions and protests across the country and has led to a heated discussion about race in America.

For example, Robert Samuels wrote in The Post this week: 

There’s this systemic problem that prevents fully flowered equality. This is the dualism that compels black moms and dads to teach their boys that American justice, for them, comes with an asterisk.  It is the lesson that so many black men try not to believe, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

Eugene Robinson, a Post opinion writer, wrote:

Our society considers young black men to be dangerous, interchangeable, expendable, guilty until proven innocent. This is the conversation about race that we desperately need to have — but probably, as in the past, will try our best to avoid.

We want to know what you think. What, if anything, does this verdict say about race in America? Where does the conversation go from here? Tell us what you think. We will be publishing some of the most thoughtful responses over the next few days.