San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D), who is currently dealing with a growing sexual harassment scandal, is scheduled to speak next month at a conference about combating sexual harassment in the military.

Bob Filner (AP Photo/City of San Diego) Bob Filner (AP Photo/City of San Diego)

The National Women Veterans Association of America has decided not to award Filner its "Lifetime of Leadership Award," as previously planned, but he remains as the keynote speaker -- despite the opposition of a growing number on Facebook."Due to the recent events of allegations of sexual harassment, admission of inappropriate behavior by the Mayor and his personal cry for help, National Women Veterans Association of America has removed the mayor from being honored at the benefit gala to support the Military Sexual Assault Community," the group said on its Facebook page Monday. "He is now the keynote speaker on these injustices."

The event is scheduled for Aug. 30-31 in San Diego.

A number of women have responded to the announcement by urging the group to remove Filner from the event altogether.

"PLEASE do not give this man a pulpit," one wrote on Facebook. "There is too much smoke here and this may has proven himself over and over again to be a narcissistic loose cannon."

Added another: "Filner a keynote speaker?? A huge mistake. Please reevaluate this and make it right."

Filner has acknowledged that he has a problem but has denied specific sexual harassment allegations. Some former supporters are calling on him to resign.

The National Women Veterans Association of America did not immediately respond to a request for comment.