A high school intern with the conservative Daily Caller Web site got into a testy exchange with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Wednesday after asking if the White House would intervene to protect George Zimmerman from death threats in the wake of his acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges.

"Because of the death threats being received by George Zimmerman and his parents, is the president going to take any action for their security or are they on their own?" Gabe Finger asked.

Carney responded that he wasn't aware of the threats and that Florida authorities would be responsible for handling them, but that Obama opposes "any violence of any kind" in response to the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case.

"So they're on their own?" Finger asked again.

"You can editorialize all you want and I have no doubt that you will, but that is a ridiculous statement," Carney replied.

Finger is a rising junior at the Potomac School in McLean, Va., where he plays football.

It's not common for a teenager to get into the briefing room, much less to get a question answered. Carney did not appear to know who Finger was; he interrupted the intern part-way through his question to ask for his press affiliation.

In a statement, Daily Caller founders Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel said that anyone who asked why the outlet sent an intern to the briefing was "missing the point."

"We don’t care how old Gabe Finger is. It doesn’t matter to us what his credentials are. All we care about is how well he does his job. Today he did it a lot better than most White House reporters," they write.

Included in the statement: a link to a video of Whitney Houston singing "The Greatest Love of All," and some lyrics from the song: "[We] believe the children are our future."

It was another reporter from the Daily Caller, Neil Munro, who interrupted President Obama during a Rose Garden statement last June.