Rep. Steve Cohen Holds News Conference Regarding Deleted Flattering Tweet About Cyndi Lauper Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) in April 2013. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.)  declined Thursday  to comment further on a paternity test that revealed that a woman he thought was his daughter is not.

But in doing so, Cohen may have created a whole new issue for himself, telling a female reporter, "You're very attractive, but I'm not talking about it," according to the reporter, Real Clear Politics' Caitlin Huey-Burns.

Cohen last year revealed the existence of what he said was his daughter, a young woman he said he found out about only in recent years.

CNN reported on a paternity test on Cohen and the woman, Victoria Brink, on Thursday morning. The test showed that there is a zero percent chance he is her father.

Update 2:51 p.m.: Cohen has apologized to the reporter: