President Obama (Kevin Lamarque/REUTERS)

President Obama is scheduled on Monday to address supporters of Organizing for Action gathered for a day-long summit in Washington, an event that kicks off a month of stepped-up campaigning by the advocacy group.

Obama will speak at a “working dinner” of volunteers, donors and staff assembled at a downtown hotel, his second in-person address to OFA  since it launched in January. Other speakers will include Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood.

The meeting is part of what OFA has dubbed “Action August” – a month in which it aims step up pressure on lawmakers home for the summer recess over issues such as immigration reform, gun control and environmental protection.

“It's all about making sure members of Congress hear directly from the people they represent, on the issues that matter to all of us,” OFA executive director Jon Carson wrote in an e-mail to supporters.

“At the top of the list, a comprehensive immigration reform bill is facing a tough path through the House -- and we're going to be out there demanding action from our representatives,” he wrote. “OFA supporters will be telling the truth about Obamacare, fighting the outright lies about what health care reform means for ordinary Americans. We'll be calling out the climate deniers who are standing in the way of progress in Washington, and make sure the senators who hold the key votes on gun violence prevention hear from the people who sent them to Congress. And we'll be fighting attacks on a woman's health choices wherever they pop up.”