The American people, who once defended Edward Snowden's leaks of sensitive intelligence information gathered by the U.S. government, are starting to turn against him.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that a majority of Americans -- 53 percent -- now say the Snowden should be charged with a crime for his leaks. That's up from 43 percent less than a month ago.

Over that same span, the percentage saying Snowden should not be charged has dropped from 48 percent to 36 percent.

Much of the movement comes from conservatives and moderates, who are now more likely to say Snowden should be charged with a crime. Among conservatives, 56 percent believe he should be charged, and 40 percent feel "strongly" about it.

Previously, there was no significant difference among the three groups.

Snowden has been holed up in the Moscow airport for the past month as he has been working through the process of seeking asylum. But Russia's state news agency reported Wednesday that Snowden has been given the documentation he needs to leave the airport and officially enter the country.

For more on the Post-ABC poll and its findings on Americans' views on privacy, see the full story from Jon Cohen and Dan Balz.

And here are the key findings: