UPDATE: The speech has ended.

President Obama is set today to deliver the first in a series of speeches designed to push the economy -- and his proposals to ensure long-term growth -- to the center of the national political debate after months of focus on other issues. Read the full text of Obama's remarks and watch a clip from the speech at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., below:

Scott Wilson previewed Obama's speeches earlier this week:

White House officials described the effort Sunday as a way for the president to revisit some of the economic themes he has spoken about since his early days in the U.S. Senate and to outline how he intends to appeal to Congress and the public to secure his goals in the months ahead.
Obama will seek to remind the country, beginning with this week’s three scheduled speeches over two days, that the middle class remains imperiled by the lack of progress in Congress on his proposed job-creating measures and by Republican fiscal priorities. The push is meant to frame the debate around his economic agenda in the remaining summer months before Congress takes up some of his budget proposals this fall.