Donald Trump on "Comedy Central." (Photo by Scott Gries/PictureGroup) Donald Trump on "Comedy Central." (Photo by Scott Gries/PictureGroup)

It's that time again. Celebrity mogul Donald Trump is claiming to be interested in a presidential campaign.

“I’m looking,” he told the National Review. Explaining that his commitment to "The Apprentice" makes it hard, he added, "I want to watch what happens with the 2014 elections, and then make a final decision after those elections.”

Trump is headed to Ames, Iowa for a leadership summit organized by the social conservative Family Leader organization, run by the influential evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, who has been vocal about his interest in a 2016 campaign, will also attend. 

The chances that Trump will actually run for president are exceedingly slim. Though he enjoyed a brief reign at the top of polls early in the 2012 primary process, he finally admitted in May of 2011 that he wouldn't run -- and went on to upset Iowa activists by canceling on the state party's fundraising dinner.

The wealthy television star and real estate magnate has since become an afterthought in GOP politics, though Trump has argued repeatedly that he should have had a bigger role in the 2012 campaign.