Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is about to get two more primary challengers, making for a crowded GOP primary.

(Alex Wong/Getty Images) (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

State Sen. Lee Bright, and the first female graduate of The Citadel, Nancy Mace, are both set to announce their candidacies against Graham, according to The State.

Bright said Thursday that he will enter the race in the next two weeks, while Mace has set an announcement for Saturday at 9 a.m.

Already in the race is former congressional candidate Richard Cash.

Graham has long been thought a top primary target in 2014, given his moderate profile in a red state. Most recently, Graham worked to craft a comprehensive illegal immigration bill in the Senate.

It remains to be seen whether any one candidate will give Graham a run for his money.

Generally, when candidates crowd a primary against an incumbent, it helps the incumbent because it lowers the number of votes required to win, while the rest of the candidates split up the anti-incumbent vote. But in South Carolina, there is a runoff if no candidate gets 50 percent of the vote, meaning if the crowded field holds Graham below that number, one of them will get a one-on-one shot in a runoff.