5. "It was a sad state of affairs. A bunch of old guys.  Where is the Ibuprofen and all that stuff." -On his 52nd birthday basketball game with high school and college friends

4. "No. That's why we're celebrating our 21st anniversary." -On if he teases first lady Michelle Obama when she makes fun of his gray hair.

3. "She's been there before ... She doesn't have to measure them." -On whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton started measuring the White House drapes at their recent lunch.

2. "Well, I mean, that's how a classic romantic comedy goes.  You know, initially you're not getting along and then you keep on bumping into each other." -On what Jay Leno called a "bromance" between him and his 2008 rival John McCain.

1. "It goes especially well with burgers and fries." -On his favorite food, broccoli.