After voting repeatedly to defund, repeal and delay the Affordable Care Act, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) came home to criticism in his Republican district in central and western North Carolina.

At an Asheville-area town hall meeting, a first for McHenry, 30 people spoke in a question-and-answer session that included pointed remarks about McHenry's position on the Affordable Care Act, according to the Asheville area's Citizen Times.

"It costs us $1,300 bucks a month -- extremely expensive," said Skip Edwards, 63, on the state insurance plan he got after his preexisting conditions disqualified him and his wife for insurance. "It taps us out every month. But at our age and health, we've got to have it."

Edwards asked why McHenry would deny his constituents a health-care plan that is "better than nothing."

While some of McHenry's responses received positive feedback, he was booed for suggesting enhancing the high-risk pool that Edwards qualified for.

"That is more of a solution than I think Obamacare will be," he said to groans.

Edwards, along with other constituents who weren't able to pack into the 270-person event, was reportedly not impressed. McHenry has received plenty of criticism from constituents of his own party in the past.

"Though having a Democrat in office isn’t the best thing in the world, at this point virtually anything is better than McHenry," wrote a blogger for the Web site Republicans Against Patrick McHenry.

North Carolina's 10th district has been represented by a Republican for the past 44 years, and McHenry has been in office for the past nine.