Though a month-long sabbatical was reportedly scheduled in East Hampton for former president Bill Clinton and possible presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, the two have begun August apart.

Bill Clinton was in Africa with the Clinton Global Initiative and Hillary in California. While the two do plan to vacation together in the Hamptons, their usual spot, an oceanfront house at Georgica Beach, is not for rent this summer, according to its owner-developer Elie Hirschfeld.

For the last two summers, the Clintons have rented Hirschfeld's home but, like many Hampton renters, have been saddled with unforeseen fees. According to the New York Times, the home's eight bedrooms, heated pool, landscaping and general utilities consumed much of the couple's last security deposit, though according to Hirschfeld, there was no complaint.

While the price of Hirschfeld's rental and the accompanying security deposit remain unknown, similar beachfront properties in the area rent for $200,000 a month and require security deposits of at least 10 percent of the rental fee.

The couple will instead vacation at an oceanside estate in Sagaponack, which brokers estimate at $100,000 a week during the August peak.

Another interested party in the presidency, Vice President Biden, will be vacationing nearby in Southampton around the time the Clintons will be in East Hampton. Biden and Hillary Clinton had breakfast together in late July after her widely discussed lunch with President Obama. The two have remained friendly despite speculation on who will take the Democratic nomination for president in 2016. Despite this, no word on a joint barbecue in the Hamptons.