Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer are running for office in New York City, but all of New York state is feeling embarrassed about their candidacies.

A new Siena College poll shows both men are very unpopular statewide, with mayoral candidate Weiner firmly in the "pariah" category.

Just 11 percent of New York state voters have a favorable view of Weiner, while a stunning 80 percent have an unfavorable one -- the highest unfavorable rating Siena has ever noted.

Spitzer, running for city comptroller, is in better shape, but it's still pretty clear he would have a hard time winning a race outside of New York City. Thirty-three percent of New Yorkers have a favorable opinion of him, compared with 59 percent unfavorable.

What's more, New York state voters are not entertained.

The poll showed that 68 percent find Weiner's and Spitzer's comeback bids "embarrassing" for the state, while 16 percent say it's no big deal, and 8 percent say they find it entertaining.

The question was asked about both men together, but the favorable ratings -- and logic -- suggest that the conclusion has more to do with Weiner's candidacy than with Spitzer's.