Clarification: An earlier version of this post reported incorrectly that Michelle Obama was directly involved in the release of the album. The album promotes Obama's Let's Move! program, but it is not an initiative of the East Wing. 

First lady Michelle Obama's anti-childhood obesity campaign, Let's Move, has inspired some of the nation's biggest music stars to put together a 19-track music album, "Songs for a Healthier America."

The compilation will feature Jordin Sparks, Ashanti, DMC and E-Street Band's guitarist Nils Lofgren and include pop, hip-hop and country songs targeting kids as young as grade school and as old as high school. It will feature tracks titled "We Like Vegetables," "U R What You Eat," and "Veggie Luv." The first track "Everybody" was released for free download in June as was the music video featuring vocals by American Idol winner Sparks and a brief rap verse by Dr. Oz. The video includes footage of the first lady.

Two outside organizations, the Partnership for a Healthier America and Hip Hop Public Health Foundation are producing the album. Michelle Obama is honorary chairwoman of PHA.

"The simple act of getting up and dancing is a really great way to be active," Drew Nannis, the chief marketing officer of Partnership for a Healthier America, told MSNBC.

"Music is so universal, it's so powerful that as an educator I'm always amazed of why it's not being used more ubiquitously within public health," Dr. Olajide William, Hip Hop Public Health founder told MSNBC.

In 2012, when asked by Cincinnati radio station WIZF what was on his iPod, President Obama said the music ranged from "old school" artists like Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Bob Dylan to Jay-Z, Eminem and the Fugees.

"You got to mix it up. It just depends on what mood I'm in," he said.

Lately he's been in the mood for "healthy." Over the summer, Obama has made appearances for the Let's Move campaign and in the past, he's sung publicly. Michelle's upcoming album could be the perfect way to combine the two, though unfortunately for the president, there are no singles devoted solely to broccoli.