The White House may not be able to distinguish between "Star Wars" and "Star Trek," but they definitely know their teenage chick flicks.

Tuesday, the White House Twitter account tweeted a picture of the Obama family's Portuguese Water Dog ready for a game of fetch. The caption, inspired by the 2004 hit "Mean Girls," spawned 12,342 retweets in the first six hours. In comparison, the account's more "everyday" tweets garner about 50-100 retweets.

This isn't the first Mean Girls reference the Obama camp has made. Before the first presidential debate during last year's reelection campaign, the president's official Tumblr posted this:


10 months later and it has 68,852 notes.

The Obama administration has enjoyed a reputation for pop culture-inspired humor. As evidenced by his lighthearted White House Correspondent's Dinner speeches, the president is adept at dropping culturally literate zingers referencing everything from Disney's "Lion King" and rapper Young Jeezy. Though some observers say that the Correspondent's Dinner crowd is pretty easy.

White House photographer Pete Souza has also captured Obama in a number of highly bloggable poses, which have endeared him to a younger population. The resulting admiration has since boosted his influence on social media platforms.