Newark Mayor and New Jersey Senate front-runner Cory Booker is renowned for his social media savvy - he has more than a million followers and tweets often to communicate with Newark residents about local problems, share inspirational messages and sometimes save the day.

A sampling of Booker's tweets shows what he's best known for: responding regularly and rapidly to requests from Newark residents, using their tips to identify and address their problems and concerns...

1.  Whether it's potholes

2. Or stepping in when the police haven't ...

3.  Or sometimes, when there's just nothing even he can do.

4/5. Newark residents have particularly benefited from the mayor's active tweeting in weather emergencies After Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, leaving many without heat or electricity, Booker used Twitter to reach out to Newark residents in need, offering to deliver blankets and baby supplies.

6. He's even shoveled driveways after snowstorms.

7. Booker is also known for his proclivity for saving the day. He's even poked fun at it. Like that time he saved a woman from a burning building.

8. Or the time he saved a freezing puppy.

9. And most recently, the time he offered to hand-deliver ballots.

10. The Newark mayor has also used his platform and following to opine on the news and engage with his followers about political issues. Such as the Zimmerman verdict.

11. Or the time when a Twitter conversation about nutrition and economic inequality led to Booker accepting the food stamp challenge.

12.  And from time to time, Booker's social media feeds are also littered with inspirational aphorisms.