Using public statements from officials and their spokesmen, Buzzfeed made a map curating the religions of the 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to Buzzfeed, there are 31 religions represented in the House, including 26 denominations of Christianity. Here's the breakdown of the top six faith backgrounds:

1. Catholics (31 percent with 135 members)

2. Baptists (15 percent with 66 members)

3. Methodists (10 percent with 45 members)

4. Anglicans/Episcopalians (8 percent with 35 members)

5. Presbyterians (6 percent with 28 members)

6. Jews (5 percent with 22 members)

Buzzfeed reports that the majority of Catholics and Jews are Democrats while the remaining religions on the top-six list tend to be represented by Republicans. Jews are listed as the most partisan -- 21 out of 22 Jewish members are Democrats -- while Mormons come in second, with seven out of eight members as Republicans. There is only one atheist in the House, and only Idaho and Utah are represented by exclusively one religion (barring states that have only a single seat)