Chad Brown, the co-chairmain of the Polk County (Iowa) Republican Party has resigned and changed his party affiliation to "Independent" citing what he observed as the GOP's contention and dysfunction.

Brown, 34, had been party co-chairman since March. In his resignation letter, published by the Des Moines Register, he expressed disappointment with the Republican Party at the  national, statewide and county level.

Polk mentioned the "contentious" 2012 Polk County GOP Convention.

"I was upset by what happened at the conventions, and I entered into the arena with the intent to help fix the problems," he said. "However, I think this level of dysfunction is not going to be fixed any time soon."

Brown listed further frustrations that contributed to his decision.

"I donated time and financial resources to the Polk GOP and haven’t had a good return on my investment," he said, citing Polk GOP's loss in voters, lack of headquarters staff and a working telephone number.

As the home to Iowa's capital and more populous city Des Moines, Polk is the state's largest county. According to Brown, up until 2002, Republicans were elected to the State House from Des Moines but in 2012, the Polk GOP lost the county by over 32,000 votes. Last year, the party lost two vital state House seats in what were supposed to be GOP-safe districts and came two dozen votes away from losing a third.

Brown, who described himself as a lifelong Republican, said he had been debating his decision for weeks.

"I think helping a dysfunctional Party that does not want to address its problems is enabling. I do not believe in enabling," he said. "I debated this for weeks and am certain this is the only course."