The Republican National Committee commemorated the 50th anniversary of the March of Washington and Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech with a luncheon Monday.

The most rousing speech of the luncheon came from Bob Woodson, the head of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprises. Woodson criticized black leaders over Trayvon Martin, the black Florida teen who was shot to death by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was acquitted in Martin's death. Woodson, who is black, said groups including gays and immigrants have been prioritized over poor black people in American society.

"Everybody has come in front of them on the bus -- gays, immigrants, women, environmentalists," Woodson said. "You never hear any talk about the conditions confronting poor blacks and poor people in general."

Celebrities who joined the March on Washington

Motion Pictures Director Joseph Mankiewics, left, Actor Charlton Heston, center; and Author James Baldwin, after their arrival at National Airport in Washington, August 27, 1963. They will participate in the August 28 demonstration for greats civil rights for Negroes. (AP Photo) (Anonymous/AP)