The conservative Madison Project has launched a new radio ad against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), hitting him on everything from illegal immigration to bailouts.

The Madison Project ad buy is just $30,000, according to ABC News, but represents the first outside spending against McConnell in his primary. The group has endorsed McConnell primary challenger Matt Bevin -- something other groups that tend to fight incumbents in primaries (the Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund, for example) have yet to do.

“For years, McConnell has succeeded in playing the old Washington double-game of talking the conservative talk at home, while undermining conservatives in the Senate," the Madison Project's Drew Ryun said in a statement.

A poll from McConnell's campaign last week showed him leading Bevin 68 percent to 21 percent, though Bevin remains unknown to the vast majority of Kentucky GOP voters.

McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore responded: "Apparently Matt 'Bailout' Bevin has a small cadre of fringe friends in Washington who have concluded that conservative governance isn't half as important as making money off his quixotic Senate campaign, even though polling shows Mitch winning by a staggering 68-21 margin."

Updated at 10:15 a.m.