Appearing on the "Rush Limbaugh Show" on Wednesday afternoon, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) criticized Republicans who haven't taken a firm enough stance on defunding the Affordable Care Act.

"The problem with the delay crowd is they don't have a plan,"  Cruz said. "They want to take a symbolic vote on a delay and not tie it to anything that passes."

Voting to delay Obamacare "becomes an exercise in political cover rather than actually fixing anything," he said.

"Right now, far too many Republicans are scared of this fight."

He slammed those in the news media who he said "always read word for word the talking points of the White House." But he said he had hope in Fox News, the "Rush Limbaugh Show" and the Internet, for spreading the word about the defunding movement.

"This is the only plan that has a realistic success of stopping [Obamacare]," he said, adding later that "the only way we can win this fight is with a grass-roots tsunami."

Cruz went on to criticize the Obama administration, calling it an "imperial" and "lawless" presidency, especially as it apparently moves toward a military strike against Syria.

"Barack Obama apparently wants to go to the U.N. but can't go to the U.S. Congress or the American people," he said. "The authority rests in Congress, not the authority of an out-of-control president."

Citing former Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich's comment, "So what, we're about to become al-Qaeda's air force now," he said he agreed with Kucinich's implication.

The administration will release evidence as soon as Thursday to prove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad delivered what U.S. officials describe as an “undeniable” chemical attack on hundreds of civilians.

Cruz's comments on the defunding effort come at the start of a "Defund Obamacare" campaign that began Tuesday in Kentucky. The campaign will make six stops in five states to pressure Republican leaders who either oppose defunding the bill or have not made their position public yet.