Former governor Eliot Spitzer and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer are running about even with less than a week to go until the Democratic primary election for New York City comptroller, a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday shows.

Stringer leads Spitzer 47 percent to 45 percent among those likliest to vote in Tuesday's Democratic primary, an advantage within the survey's margin of error. The poll is in line with a Quinnipiac poll released last Thursday that showed Spitzer's double-digit lead had disappeared, leaving him tied with Stringer at 46 percent.

Both women and men are split pretty evenly between the two candidates in the new poll. Spitzer's support among blacks has picked up a bit: he leads Stringer by 29, compared to just a 12-point advantage last week. (Spitzer once led by 47 in this demographic.) Among whites, Stringer leads by 24.

"Overwhelming support among black voters keeps Spitzer in the race," said Quinnipiac polling director Maurice Carroll.

A recent Siena College/New York Times poll showed a less competitive race, with Spitzer leading Stringer 50-35 percent.