Billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who spent nearly $100 million trying to defeat President Obama and other Democratic candidates in 2012, now says he stands behind the White House's push for air strikes in Syria.

"He is our commander in chief, whether we like what he says politically or not," Adelson told the National Journal in an exclusive interview late Monday evening.

And though Democrats cast Adelson as the poster boy of campaign finance run amok in 2012, Adelson said he's even ready, if asked, to help Obama round up votes in Congress for a strike.

"I would be willing to help out the administration because I believe it's the right thing to do," he told the Journal.

Though he was a fervent opponent of Obama, Adelson is also a longtime supporter of Israel who believes that America's standing in the world is at stake in the showdown with Syria over chemical weapons.

"I come down on gas not being used," Adelson said. "Jewish people have a history of gas killing off their people, and although it was done in a different way, I don't want anybody to be killed, particularly innocent people, women and children, older people. Somebody goes out and carries a rifle and starts shooting – they're fair game. But innocents shouldn't be targeted."

The comments are Adelson's first public remarks on the Syria situation.