Nearly a week after he attracted widespread attention for voting "present" on a resolution to authorize a military strike against the Syrian government, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) on Tuesday came out against the measure.

“I cannot support the resolution that passed the Foreign Relations Committee to use force in Syria because it is too broad, the effects of a strike are too unpredictable, and because I believe we must give diplomatic measures that could avoid military action a chance to work," Markey said in a statement.

The Massachusetts liberal Democrat attracted criticism back home when he voted "present" -- which is neither "yes" nor "no" -- last  Wednesday in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. For Markey, who joined the Senate in July, it was the highest-profile moment of his young career in the upper chamber.

Markey's decision comes as advocates of the resolution to authorize force are facing increasingly tough times in the upper chamber. According to The Fix's whip count, Markey is the 36th "no" or "lean no" vote so far.

Markey filled the seat once held by Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been lobbying hard on behalf of the Obama administration to win support for strike from Congress.