Madeline Albright, who served as Secretary of State during the Clinton administration, said Sunday that she does not trust Vladimir Putin, but that the Russian president can help the United States reach its goals on Syria.

Asked by CBS "Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer whether she trusts Putin, Albright said: "No. But he is the leader of the Russians, who continue to play an important role. And I don't think we have to trust him. I think we have to be able to work with him on issues of common interest. And I think that that's where we are now."

Albright also suggested that the United States and Russia have common interests in the Middle East, particularly when it comes to combating extremism and the proliferation of chemical weapons.

"I think that they do see the danger of chemical weapons, generally," Albright said. "They are also afraid of extremists and extremists getting control over weapons, for their own reasons. I think they also have a reason for wanting stability in the Middle East. And they also, I think, want to get re-involved in the Middle East and show their influence."