Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), one of few congressional Republicans to support a military strike on Syria, said Monday that some Republicans oppose the resolution simply because President Obama supports it.

"I think there's probably some ... in all honesty that (oppose it) just because they dislike President Obama," McCain said on CNN.

McCain, though, went on to say that Obama has been giving mixed signals about his intentions and what his response will be.

Currently, the Washington Post's whip count of votes on the Syria resolution shows fewer than 10 Republicans in both the House and Senate support the use of force. In both chambers, it's become clear that a majority of Republicans would oppose the resolution if it came to a vote today.

McCain also said there is no way to achieve a diplomatic solution when it comes to Syria.

“I think what they are pursuing is a laudable goal, but there’s no real way to achieve it, number one," McCain said. "Number two is that you now give (Russian President Vladimir) Putin a major place in this whole scenario and in the Middle East.”