Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) insists his recent visits to New Hampshire and South Carolina are more about trying to shape the 2016 GOP presidential race than about running in his own right.

But the immigration hard-liner is not ruling out his own bid, either.

From Radio Iowa:

“I’ve traveled to New Hampshire and South Carolina multiple times, done political events in both of those states and plan on doing more. Now that all sounds like I’m positioning myself to run for president. In truth, what I’m doing is positioning myself as best I can to help us get the best (nominee) we can,” King says.

“…I want to have a good, solid, full spectrum constitutional conservative emerge so they can lead this country down a solid fiscal path and restore our foreign policy and put some pride back in us again so Americans will get up every day and go out and contribute and feel good about it.”

However, King says there might come a day when he will seek the G-O-P’s presidential nomination.

“What I can’t do is just rule it out because you never know what happens in life,” King says. “There’s nothing very predictable in this business.”

King has declined to run for Iowa's open Senate seat in 2014.