A former top adviser to President Obama is joining with a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton for president to promote Obamacare.

Mark Alexander, who served as policy director and senior adviser to Obama's 2008 campaign, has drafted an e-mail set for release later today urging Ready for Hillary PAC supporters to spread the word about the new exchanges and sign up if they don't have insurance.

The Clintons have given Obama plenty of backup on his signature health care law, even in the face of polls that suggest it's not popular. Much of the law began being implemented Tuesday.

Alexander is the latest top former Obama adviser to team with Ready for Hillary. Two top leaders of Obama's field operation -- Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird -- are working with the PAC too.

Here's the text of the letter:

National parks are closed, federal workers have been furloughed, and vital government services could be delayed.

These are just some of the consequences of the Republican government shutdown.
But for as much damage as Republicans have done, they have not stopped 30 million Americans from being eligible for affordable coverage under Obamacare.
Hillary has fought hard for health insurance reform throughout her career. Last week, she called Obamacare "a very important step forward on behalf of our country." As President Obama's Policy Director in the 2008 campaign, I was proud when Obamacare passed, and I was elated to hear Hillary's words.
But despite the benefits of Obamacare, the same forces that stopped reform in the 1990s are at it again, spreading misinformation and fear while trying to stop 30 million Americans from signing up. We need your help to ignore the noise and spread the word about the quality, affordable coverage that Americans can now apply for under Obamacare.
If you are uninsured, please visit www.healthcare.gov to get signed up.
President Clinton summed it up best when he said "we've got to get everybody to sign up." If you have friends, family, or neighbors who are uninsured, please forward this e-mail to them and ask them to visit www.healthcare.gov.

Thank you for supporting Obamacare and helping America get covered.


Mark Alexander
Former Policy Director and Senior Advisor to President Obama