Former Wisconsin commerce secretary Mary Burke (D) launched her campaign Monday to unseat Gov. Scott Walker (R), releasing a video that emphasizes job creation.

"Just like Washington, our state Capitol has become so focused on politics and winning the next political fight, it's pulling our state apart and our economy down," Burke says in the video. "But it doesn't have to be that way."

Burke is a former executive at Trek, a bicycle company her father founded. Her business background and personal wealth make her a candidate to watch. She has already stoked enthusiasm among Democrats eager to unseat Walker.

Walker survived a 2012 attempt to recall him from office. These days, he's being talked about as a potential 2016 presidential candidate. Polls show he is not a shoo-in ahead of 2014, even as he starts as the clear front-runner for a second term.

"Under Governor Walker’s leadership, Wisconsin has balanced a $3.6 billion deficit, cut income taxes, and we’ve seen our best two-year job growth in a decade under any governor," Walker's campaign said in a statement. "We're confident that voters want to continue moving Wisconsin forward, and have no desire to return to the failed policies of the past."

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