Many more Americans see the rollout of of the Affordable Healthcare Act as not going well than as a success story, according to a new poll from AP-GfK.

The poll shows just 7 percent of Americans say the rollout has gone either "extremely well" (2 percent) or "very well" (5 percent). Another 20 percent say it has gone "somewhat well."

On the other side, 40 percent say the rollout of the health-care law, which critics have labeled "Obamacare", has gone either "not too well" (24 percent) or "not at all well" (17 percent).

Most Americans don't have first-hand experience with the new exchanges, as just 7 percent say they or someone they know has attempted to sign up.

Overall, more Americans continue to oppose the new health care law (38 percent) than support it (28 percent).