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Hollywood A-listers join Sir Elton John in honoring Hillary Clinton

The invitation reads like the red carpet roster at the Oscars and Grammys – combined. There’s Courtney Love and Cyndi Lauper, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey. Then there’s Mick Jagger, Billy Joel and even Yoko Ono. There are stars from yesteryear (Angela Lansbury) and today (Alec Baldwin), and one who made her name photographing them all (Annie Leibovitz).

What unites the glitterati is one Hillary Rodham Clinton. These stars and dozens more have come together with Sir Elton John to host a black-tie benefit next week for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, where the former secretary of state and possible future president will be feted with the foundation’s first ever Founder’s Award.