Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) raised $2.3 million for his reelection bid in the third quarter of the year, bringing his grand total for the cycle to $17.7 million, his campaign said in a statement.

The third-quarter haul represents McConnell's strongest quarter to date and comes from nearly 6,000 unique donors. It puts him on his way to raise more for 2014 than he did in 2008, when he raked in nearly $21 million.

Despite his conservative bona fides, McConnell faces notable opposition from the right over what critics see as an overeager willingness to compromise with Democrats. Still, a late-August poll commissioned by McConnell's campaign showed him leading his opponent by a huge margin.

"We are running a presidential-level campaign designed to withstand the millions of dollars in attack ads coming from out-of-state groups and deliver Senator McConnell's message directly to Kentucky voters," campaign manager Jesse Benton said in the statement.

The campaign has nearly $10 million cash on hand.

McConnell's conservative challenger, Matt Bevin, raised $822,000. Of that, $600,000 came in the form of a personal loan from Bevin himself, leaving $222,000 in individual and political action committee contributions.

"This quarterly individual contribution number is well on pace to match the $250,000 raised by Marco Rubio and surpasses Mike Lee's $116,000 at this point in their respective campaigns," the campaign said in a statement.

"I am thankful for those across Kentucky and the country who have decided to 'join the fringe' and have so generously given to our efforts," Bevin said in the statement.

More than 2,000 donors contributed.