Incumbents usually win elections. But after a shutdown, near-default and historic lows in Congressional approval, voters are claiming they'll reverse that trend in 2014. The Post's Aaron Blake weighs in. (The Washington Post)

A majority of Americans say it’s a bad thing that Republicans control the House of Representatives, according to a new poll from CNN and Opinion Research.

Fifty-four percent of respondents said they would like to see the GOP lose its majority in the lower chamber of Congress. It is the first time a majority has said such a thing since Republicans reclaimed control of the House in the 2010 election. In December, 43 percent of Americans said they considered GOP control of the House a negative.

The poll also shows 63 percent of Americans say it’s a bad thing that Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) serves as speaker. Just 30 percent say he should remain in that role.

The poll is just the latest evidence that Republicans did significant damage to themselves during the two-week government shutdown earlier this month. Neither party acquitted itself well, but the GOP fared worse than Democrats, according to most polls.

It should be noted that Americans often feel differently about their own member of Congress than Congress as a whole – or any one party in Congress. While Congress’s approval rating has been near an all-time low for years, voters still routinely reelect the vast majority of incumbents – often more than 90 percent.