A woman standing behind President Obama at his speech Monday morning appeared to come close to fainting and was helped away.

The incident happened toward the end of Obama’s speech in the White House Rose Garden about the Affordable Care Act and early problems with its Web site.

President Obama paused in a speech about his health care law Monday when a woman the White House identified as Karmel Allison almost fainted. "This happens when I talk too long," the president joked. (The Washington Post)

The woman was standing directly over Obama’s right shoulder, in the first row, and was on camera for the duration of the speech.

Obama turned around to make sure the woman was okay. He appeared to help steady her.

“"This is what happens when I talk too long,” Obama quipped.

Update 1:49 p.m: The woman has been identified as Karmel Allison from San Diego.

Here's the White House's description of her:  "Karmel Allison was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was nine years old. She has stayed on the same insurance ever since, despite constantly rising costs, for fear she would not be able to find a plan that would cover her due to her pre-existing condition. Allison recently began researching her options on CoveredCA and has publically (sic) described her experience as finally feeling equal to others, including her young and healthy husband, when it comes to access to coverage."

Allison blogs about diabetes issues on her blog.

The following tweet came from what appears to be Allison's Twitter account: