@NatSecWonk, the controversial Twitter account of disgraced National Security Council staffer Jofi Joseph, walked a fine line between between gossip, trolling and self-parody. The account infuriated the White House with its personal, sometimes offensive attacks on government officials. But it was also, on some level, supposed to be a joke -- or so said Joseph in a statement to Politico.

As far as political parody accounts go, however, @natsecwonk was more barbed than funny.  But the political parody is alive and well on Twitter. Here's proof.

1. @SRWHOfficial
Is it real? Is it parody? Senior White House official could maybe possibly be written by an actual White House staffer, but years of goofy tweets have led most followers to assume otherwise. It specializes in prolific political observations of the vaguely silly variety.

2. @RepJackKimble
Per his Twitter bio, Rep. Jack Kimble is a conservative Congressman from California’s 54th district. One problem: California only has 53 districts, and no Rep. Kimble. The account is run by a public school teacher with comedy writing ambitions.

3. @InvisibleObama
A 2012 election joke that has somehow outlived the election, @InvisibleObama continues peppering the Twittersphere with infrequent, but generally worthwhile, political puns.

4. @PimpBillClinton
Irreverent and sometimes nonsensical -- much as we would imagine a stoned Bill Clinton to be -- this account imagines how the former president would tweet if he were 1) on drugs and 2) on the prowl, in case you ever wondered about either of those things.

5. @ElBloombito
A brilliant and consistently funny mockery of Michael Bloomberg’s B-grade Spanish, @ElBloombito has somehow kept up a steady stream of topical Spanglish tweets for two years.

6. @DCJourno
We would not be surprised if @DCJourno was, in fact, a self-aware, District-based journalist, skewering all our “smart takes” for her 7,700 followers. “I’m an important political reporter in Washington,” the bio reads. “I appear on cable shows, usually early on Saturdays. I tweet about Morning Joe. Playbook linked me once.”

7. @VeepJoeBiden
Joe Biden doesn’t really need a parody account -- he’s pretty good at parodying himself. But @VeepJoeBiden stays in character pretty well.

8. @KimJongNumberUn
We’re going a little further afield here, but @KimJongNumberUn is a must-follow for anyone seeking the North Korean dictator’s hypothetical take on world events … assuming, of course, that said dictator enjoys American pop culture references with his WMDs.

9. @MayorEmanuel
R.I.P. @MayorEmanuel, the f-bomb-dropping satire of Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel that arguably set the bar for Twitter parodies. The account’s creator, Dan Sinker, retired the handle in 2011. Fortunately for us, he then went on to score a book deal.

10. @TheFixPoints
We’d be remiss if we didn’t include this boundlessly enthusiastic (and let’s admit it: pretty hilarious) parody of the Post’s Chris Cillizza. Its creator also just launched @Ron_Fourmineh, devoted to National Journal’s Ron Fournier.