Setting the price range for its IPO wasn't Twitter's only corporate milestone this week. The company also filed its first lobbying report -- posting a relatively modest $40,000 in spending for the third quarter.

Twitter announced its arrival on the Washington influence scene in August, and now says it's been lobbying on a few dozen pieces of legislation, grouped in several big categories, including privacy, NSA surveillance, patent reform, immigration and a set of tech concerns, including net neutrality, Internet governance, and cybersecurity.

William Carty, whose Twitter profile says  he was "Born in Canada, Raised in Texas, Worked on Capitol Hill for years and years," is Twitter's only listed lobbyist. A former Republican aide on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee, Carty had been the company's policy manager.

The Washington plan also included the formation of Twitter#PAC, but it has yet to report how much they raised.