Chris Christie's doctor says the New Jersey governor has been "steadily" losing weight since undergoing lap band surgery earlier this year.

"After he turned 50, Governor Christie has taken a very proactive role in his health," the doctor, Rachana Kulkarni, writes in Christie's medical report.Kulkarni notes Christie exercises for an hour four times a week and eats a healthy diet.

"In addition, he underwent lap-band surgery in February of 2013 and has been losing weight steadily since then," Kulkarni writes.

The report doesn't indicate how much weight Christie has lost since the surgery, which Christie underwent in secret.

Kulkarni also says Christie has no major health concerns and is fit to serve another term as governor.

Christie faces reelection in 11 days and is strongly favored.

Christie’s weight has gained attention as he has emerged as a potential 2016 presidential candidate.