A group of Syrian activists known for its hacking was briefly able to redirect a link on the @barackobama Twitter feed to one of its own videos, according to the people who maintain the Twitter feed.

The tweet from the account, which is run by Organizing for Action, initially linked to a Washington Post article. Shortly after it went up, the group -- the Syrian Electronic Army -- was able to redirect the link to its own video.

Here's the tweet:

The link was later redirected to the OFA Web site and then back to the original Washington Post article.

An Organizing for Action official, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the issue, said that "an account to our link shortener was hacked" briefly by the Syrian activists.

The SEA has hacked numerous well-frequented Web sites -- including the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Update 3:32 p.m.: The group is now saying that it has hacked the e-mail addresses of what appears to be OFA -- which the group cites as Obama's campaign but is actually now an offshoot of the campaign that pushes the president's agenda.