Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) (AP Photo/Kevin Clifford, File)

National Democrats appear to be throwing in the towel when it comes to unseating Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R).

During an interview at the Washington Post on Thursday, Democratic Governors Association Chairman Peter Shumlin said flatly that the race isn't on the committee's radar for 2014.

"That isn't one of our targeted races," said Shumlin, the governor of Vermont.

Democrats still have yet to land a recruit in Nevada, despite its status as a blue-trending swing state.

The main reason for that is Sandoval continues to ride high, with one of the highest approval ratings among all governors.

Sandoval is also considered a potential challenger to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in 2016, though, so it might help Democrats to have somebody try to take some of the shine off Sandoval's image, at the very least.

Update 2:52 p.m.: DGA spokesman Danny Kanner clarifies that the DGA is "engaged in the active recruitment process. It is not currently in the top tier of races, given the recruitment phase is not complete."