The Pew Research Center is the latest pollster to show President Obama's approval rating hitting a new low.

The newly released poll shows that 41 percent view Obama in a positive light -- down from 55 percent after his reelection win, in December. Meanwhile, a majority -- 53 percent -- now disapprove of him.

Obama's image is also underwater on a number of issues -- most notably the economy (65 percent disapprove), health care (59 percent) and even immigration policy (60 percent). All three are new highs for Obama's presidency.

The immigration number is particularly interesting, given Obama's push for comprehensive reform seems to fall in line with what the broader electorate supports. As recently as February, just 43 percent disapproved of Obama on immigration policy.

A clear majority (56 percent) also disapproves of Obama's work on foreign policy, but 51 percent say he has done a good job fighting terrorism -- a number that is also the lowest mark of his presidency.

The latest decline in Obama's poll numbers comes as the White House faces continued questions about its claims and stewardship of the newly implemented Obamacare exchanges.

Obama's approval rating continues to be on a similar trajectory as George W. Bush's, though Obama has generally been in slightly better shape, according to Pew's polling.

Here's how the last few presidents compare: