Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) said Thursday that he "absolutely" thinks his quest to Defund Obamacare was worth it, despite the government shutdown that ensued.

Cruz made made the comment while being interviewed by Fox News's Chris Wallace at the Aspen Ideas Forum at the Newseum in Washington.

Cruz also took umbrage when people in the audience applauded after Wallace noted how Republicans opposed to Cruz's strategy had fed Wallace opposition research about the senator.

"It's interesting the applause in this room," Cruz said. "If a Republican in Washington attacks Republicans from the left, this room will stand up and cheer. That's a very popular thing in Washington. But if someone stands up and makes the point ... that career politicians in both parties are focused on their own reelection instead of the real pain people are feeling in this country, that is not a message people want to hear in Washington."

Cruz was also asked about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), whom he said he likes.

Asked whether Christie is a conservative, though, Cruz deflected.

"I'm glad he won," Cruz said. "And I will say this: I think we need a lot more Republicans in Washington who are willing to stand up and fight."