Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney's first TV ad is all about convincing voters that she is one of them, a Wyomingite. It's also an implicit rebuttal to those who've already begun lobbing carpetbagging charges in her direction.

"Twenty years ago, Phil and I were married here in Wyoming, and today we're raising our kids here on the same Wyoming values I grew up with" Cheney says in the ad, released Thursday, which includes footage of the Republican and her family.

Cheney purchased a home in Wyoming last year. But before that, she lived in Northern Virginia. Her residential history didn't go unnoticed when she announced her campaign over the summer.

"Hey, Liz Cheney: If you want to run for U.S. Senate, try it from Virginia or some other state,” the Gillette News Record newspaper wrote in an editorial.

Cheney is the daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney, who represented Wyoming in Congress. She is challenging Sen. Mike Enzi (R) in a race that has quickly grown heated. A poll conducted for a group running ads against Cheney showed Enzi leading her by a whopping 53 points.