The head of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners said Sunday he thinks state insurance commissioners remain worried about the impact of President Obama's decision last week to clear the way for Americans who are facing health-care plan cancellations to stay on their plan into 2015.

"I think the commissioners still have the same concerns," former senator Ben Nelson said on "Fox News Sunday." Nelson was responding to show host Chris Wallace, who asked him whether a personal phone call from Obama last week had assuaged the concerns of the commissioners.

Obama bowed to pressure from both parties Thursday when he announced a fix to clear the way for Americans whose plans are being canceled as a result of the federal health-care law to renew their coverage. In doing so, Obama left the ball in the court of state insurance commissioners, who have the power to decide whether or not to allow the fix. A handful of commissioners have already said they won't allow the fix, while others have signed off on it.

On the same program, Karen Ignagni, president of America's Health Insurance Plans, said, "We have work to do, there's no question. But we have an interest in doing it together." Ignagni and insurance executives met with the president on Friday after expressing concerns about the fix on Thursday. She characterized Friday's meeting as a "very good one."