New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) says everyone should stop talking so much about the 2016 presidential race, because doing so hurts President Obama, who's only a year into his second term.

"In this sense, I feel badly for President Obama. He just won a year ago, and everybody's like, 'So, who's next?'" Christie said Monday night at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council. "There is work to be done in this country. And as we shove him out the door, we minimize his ability to be an effective executive. And we shouldn't do that."

Even as he urged people to focus on the here and now, though, Christie talked about his own potential run for president.

He repeatedly declined to say during his successful reelection campaign this year whether he would serve a full term. He expounded on that Monday, saying he would resign from his current office only if he runs and wins -- suggesting that he wouldn't resign in order to run.

"If I decide to run for president and win, " Christie said, he wouldn't serve a full term. "If I don't, I will."