Just four in 10 Americans say that President Obama is a capable and effective leader for the American government, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research poll.

The 40 percent who agree with this statement is down from 52 percent just five months ago and comes as Obama continues to wrestle with the troubled health-care law rollout.

The poll also matched other recent polls showing a drop in the number of people who believe Obama is "honest" and "trustworthy." CNN pegs the number who disagree with that statement at 53 percent.

The poll also shows 56 percent say the president is not someone they admire, another reflection of changing views of Obama's character.

The poll isn't all bad news for Obama. While his ability to perform his job well and his honesty -- long strong points for the president -- have taken a sharp hit, six in 10 say he has a vision for the country's future and seven in 10 still say he is "likeable."

Both of those numbers are down from previous polls, though.