Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman (R), who in recent months has sounded less and less like a potential 2016 presidential candidate, appeared to leave that option open during a talk Monday in New Hampshire.

Asked about 2016 in recent months, Huntsman has said he's "not insane" and that he wants to return to private life after giving "the best years of our lives to politics." But on Monday at St. Andelm College, he said he remains devoted to public service.

After a long answer to a question about his 2016 intentions, Huntsman said: "Which is a long way of saying that I love public service. I'll always be committed to public service. And as an itinerant public servant, from time to time it's hard to know where you're gonna wind up. But I'm not here as a candidate tonight, that's for sure."

Huntsman's comments were clipped by the Democratic super PAC American Bridge 21st Century and shared with Post Politics.

Huntsman, the former ambassador to China under President Obama, ran as a more moderate candidate in the 2012 race and never got much traction, bowing out after a disappointing showing in the New Hampshire primary.