At least three current and former employees of Georgia’s state ethics commission have received grand jury subpoenas related to a complaint filed against Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal’s (R) 2010 campaign, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

The grand jury, scheduled to meet next month, will receive documents relating to an ethics investigation that cleared Deal of major wrongdoing. Deal’s campaign agreed to pay $3,350 in fees over violations to the state’s campaign finance and disclosure laws.

Deal’s attorney, Randy Evans, said the governor is “not involved” and hasn’t received any communication from the U.S. Attorney’s office or the FBI.

But it’s not the first time the investigation into Deal’s campaign has been the center of legal attention. After the matter was settled, two former commission staffers alleged retaliation after they sought approval to issue subpoenas of their own. The former employees said in sworn testimony that Deal had helped recruit Holly LaBerge, the ethics commission’s executive secretary, and that LaBerge claimed Deal “owes her” for handling the complaints, AP said.

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